Barranco Oscuro

Manuel and Lorenzo Valenzuela



Manuel is undoubtedly a legend in the Spanish Natural Wine Universe. He has been one of the pioneers of the winemaking process for numerous decades in Spain. But on top of this, he has a touch from heaven. By sitting with him, listening, and enjoying his thoughts, you quickly identify that his words are not coming just from a man. He’s a transmitter of the universe’s knowledge.

He and his son Lorenzo are cultivating grapes in one of the most magical areas of Spain, Sierra Nevada, which is around 1300m high. This is where the snow, the Mediterranean breeze, and the sun give the grape a personality difficult to find anywhere else. As curious guys, they decided to go to varieties which are not common in the region, even in the entire Spanish territory. Together with the traditional Tempranillo, Granaches, and Vijariejos varietals, they decided to explore the worlds of Pinot Noir, Viognier, Riesling. They’re providing wines which cannot stop surprising you every time you try them.

Some of Barranco Oscuro’s wines are sitting in first place on the world’s list of premium natural wines for quality and personality. You cannot go on without having experienced their wines.


About the region

Granada and Sierra Nevada are two of the most special regions in Spain with their combination of sea, mountains, and sky. The Arabic tradition is omnipresent due to the fact of being the last city that was taken by the Christians after centuries of fighting. A combination of poetry, sadness, and beauty can be found everywhere. And behind the
wonderful city of Grenada, the majestic Sierra Nevada appears, with its snow-capped peaks and close proximity to the Mediterranean beaches.

Here, we’re in the highest European vineyards, only surpassed by some of the volcano vineyards on the Canary Islands. This is where Manuel and Lorenzo started their project a long time ago. With such a unique environment, the grapes cannot grow insensitively. Traditional varieties, as Vijieriega and Tempranillo, are combined with traditional
European varieties like Viognier, Pinot Noir, and even Riesling! The result is always amazing.

The wines are like messengers of the centuries old history between different people and cultures. They come from such a unique environment that have plenty of soul.

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