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Our products are real and natural, in the truest sense. Our producers do not work with unnatural aids, and only with aids that come from nature. We offer wine and food outside the mainstream – for people looking for alternatives. We firmly believe that there is an alternative in production and design, and we strongly believe that there is a path to redesign our lives. 

Do you sell your amazing wines to restaurants, cafes, retail shops, offices?

Yes we do! Feel free to contact us via email and we’ll send you our latest catalog. It extensive, but we’ve made it easy for you to navigate with categories. Or if you prefer, we can schedule a tasting and you can try our wines for your establishment. 

Do you delivery?

Yes, we delivery throughout Berlin and ship via Hermes when outside the city. We offer free delivery after a certain amount. 

Great, how can I place an order?

Easy, just contact us at hola@foodmaterial.com or carlos@foodmaterial.com and we’ll find the right wine and food for you!

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