Vinos Ambiz

Fabio Bartolomei
Castilla y León


Fabio is a crazy guy. But you quickly take him into your heart because you immediately ask yourself: What the hell is an Italian doing in the middle of Spain, in the Sierra de Gredos, who also works in an old wine cellar that had to be completely whipped back into shape?

That’s the way he is, Fabio. He experiments with grapes, with always new methods, and he does not follow any standard. He wants to make restless wines, always at the limit, always discovering something new and, if not, then inventing. Fabio only trusts his instincts. In doing so, he also cultivates very unconventional ideas. One idea: the rebirth of sweet wines. For example, who knows Chelva? Up until now it was a house wine that nobody cared about. Fabio turns it into a fantastic wine that has something of magic.

And when you taste his Garnachas, you have something of a fruit explosion in your mouth. And finally the whites: Airén, Albillo, Chelva… wines full of rock’n roll. Your feet won’t stop there. Once you have tasted Fabio’s wines, you understand the difference and what that means: simply looking at life passively – or actively participating in it.

About the region

The land where Fabio is located in is a wonderful mountain area ca. 100 km west from Madrid. Ancestral mountains, forests, and rivers convert this region to one of the most preserved areas of Spain where very unusual flora and fauna can still be found. A vast, ancient chestnut tree landscape also exists there (the biggest in Europe)!

This is an area rich in water with numerous rivers and lakes. For this reason, some fruit trees and vineyards have been traditionally cultivated. However, in recent decades, the depopulation of several regions in Spain has converted Sierra de Gredos to, for example, an “empty Spain” where it’s difficult to find young people living there. This has had a consequence in that many of these crops have been abandoned or are not properly maintained anymore. Mr Bartolomeo wants to change that.

Fabio is working with some of the traditional grapes of the area: Grenache, Airen, Albillo, Chelva. He doesn’t need to have his own land. Along with his troop of angels, he’s just cares for neighboring land and gives them new life. As he says, “Vitis Vinifera has been there for millions of years and if we give back some love, it will give us back this love multiplied”.

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