Antonio Vílchez


Antonio is pure authenticity! He’s a single figure and solid like the stones of las Alpujarras. From his wine-packed place in Marchal (near Guadix), Granada, you can sit with him and a poster of Che Guevara discussing about the mountains of Sierra Nevada for hours, about the different episodes of wine making, and of course, about revolution.

Having a lunch with Antonio and Luis, the Ferran Adria of Las Alpujarras, in La Huerta shows that there are still solid guys in this world. This makes the simple things special.

About the region

Las Alpujarras is an unique land. If you’ve never been there, it’s mandatory you go. This is where the Mediterranean Sea meets the high peaks of Sierra Nevada. Each village is a poem. White houses climbing the mountains. All poetry, all magic.

In the middle of this wonderful paradise, you find Marchal, in the valley. It’s a land where water is almost forgotten. This is where Antonio is able to bring us treasures like Mas Paca, Baco Perez, and literally La Rosa del Desierto. No water… only character.

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