Laureano Serres


What to say about Laureano? That’s easy… a legend. The “enfant terrible” of the natural wine galaxy. It’s an honor and pleasure having his wines with us.

Laureano lives the landscape. Lives the grapes. He knows how to treat them. He talks to them. He knows the influence of water and of earth. And then we go to the wines and everything becomes speechless. He has converted Pinell de Brai, together with London, Berlin, and New York, into the center of universe. But do not go alone, Laureano is dangerous!

Jumping from one Amphore to another, every tasting is a dream. You cannot decide which of his wines you adore more. Every single wine is a piece of art. From the finest to the heavy metal. Like him, from the sweetest to the wildest.

Masterpieces are done with Macabeus and White Granaches. Dreams come true with Carignen. All of them will not keep you dry though, you’ll need to drink more. Actually, you can’t stop! Having an open bottle of Laureano’s at one of your dinners makes your life a wonderful party.

From a NY Times mention to being found in Japan, his wines demand proper attention. His whites represent the minerality and elegance of great natural wines but can also dive into the wild side of greatness. His reds can draw a perfect balance between earth and fruit, but also with light residual sugar for a unique experience. Whether it’s in old barrels or not, all of these wines carry Laureano’s soul.

About the region

Let’s talk about Pinell de Brai. This is the land where Laureano is placed in Terra Alta – a land for not everyone. Many people have declared it the Far West of Catalunya… far from everywhere. This gives a special and unique personality. Plenty of authentic people like the land itself – dry, basic, beautiful. Sometimes you have the feeling of being in a place which does not belong to this planet. This is where we find some of the more interesting grapes ever: the Grenache (locally called Vernatxa) represents the fruit and the youngness. And Cariñena, the Queen of Grapes, is an explosion of red fruits. There, in Pinell de Brai, Laureano is able to attract people from the entire world, from Canada to Japan, to travel there very often to try his wines.

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