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Julian Ruiz
Castilla-La Mancha


Julián Ruiz comes from La Mancha, from the organic farm Bruno Ruiz. He is a man of a cast.

Julián is a Don Quixote, a dreamer, a man of principle. In his own words, he is “just a farmer”. We have no objection. A farmer, but an artist in the country, in the field, on the land.

He makes his wines with his own hands, with the sun and with his heart. He continues the tradition of our ancestors who only worked with their hands. From sunrise to sunset. Without much tinkering, but with purity and honesty, simply put: with great art.

The winemaker uses magical vineyards that are up to 140 years old. They are certainly one of the few real vines in Europe from before phylloxera. There are classic varietals such as Airén and Tempranillo, and unique grapes such as Tinto Velasco. Their flavors transport you to one ofthe toughest but also most authentic regions of the Iberian Peninsula. These are certain moments of pleasure that you have never experienced before.

In any case, what a dream it is to experience his vineyards and fields for a few days at the side of Julian. There is black garlic that grows next to the vines and Julián ferments according to centuries-old (Japanese) techniques. In addition, typical, regional aromatic plants dry in the rooms of a 150-year-old wine cellar, in front of an old, run-down train station. The trains to France once started from here, loaded with grapes from La Mancha.

We live in a different time here, in which a man like Julián is still moving through today, and the more he talks about his projects and his dreams, the quicker you bring him to your heart. And
before you neglect yourself, you hang on to your dreams, in broad daylight.

About the region

La Mancha, in central Spain is one of the reference wine regions in Spain. Known for its extensive and dry conditions, this is where a number of wind mills can still be found
reminding us of ancient, lonely knights.

Like most of the popular wine areas in Spain, La Mancha has been transformed into a region of extensive crop exploration. Meanwhile, its main grape variety, Air én, is the
European grape with the largest production volume. Unfortunately, it’s focused on low quality wines or even Distillates in most cases.

In a region where few trees can be found, most of the big producers still continue to make wines with a strong oak personality. It’s in this area where we find Julian, who started his project a long time ago and who still follows generations of tradition.

No compromises.

This is Julian’s premise. Recovering ancient techniques in wine production but also exploring different accompaniments with other food products that bring synergies to his
activity. He defines himself as a holistic country man.

Meeting Julian, among such extensive and massive production facilities, explains the value of the project he’s been developing for years.

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