Clot de les Soleres

Carles Mora


Since the day Carles took over the house of his family, a wonderful Masia in Piera in l’Anoia – a territory of Barcelona, he’s revived the historical vineyards that had been abandoned for years. He didn’t want to start in a conventional way. Instead, he took the risk to work with minimum modifications and local varieties. This meant no pesticides during grape farming, harvesting by hand, and performing the wine process with the highest levels of purity – no sugars, no additives, no sulfites. Nothing but grapes!

He does elegant and honest work. A type of refinement without noise, his wines bring the finest taste of very local grapes from the heart of Catalunya.

It’s difficult to put Carles and Clot De Les Soleres in a single category. His white wines can range from fruit explosions to others with minerality and yeasty notes, which improves wonderfully within the time it’s opened. His Ancestrals & Pet Nats go from fun and fruity to very elegant and complex. You cannot stop drinking them!

One thing is for sure though, they all have the full character of the sun and the terroir.

About the region

Piera belongs to a traditional wine area of Penedes. But really at the north edge, where the Montserrat mountain profile appears in the horizon as something almost religious. For generations, this is where Carlos’ family House is located. A unique construction coming from the period where each family was living in, miles of distance between them, and where they had a communication system against the pirates. This ancestral tradition can be felt when you’re sitting on the wonderful balcony of the house and looking at the 150 hectors of land which appear in front of your eyes. A spectacle on its own.

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