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Manel Avinyo


When you meet Manel, the first thing you want to do is give him a big hug. So big like him. So big like his heart.

Manel owns a wonderful vineyard and also family property, in which for generations, wonderful wines have been produced close to the Mediterranean coast. When you climb up the hill with him, you can feel just how close and respectful he is with the land and how much the land has given to him in return. From there, you can feel the harmony of the fields, the house, the sky and the sea… all this is part of Manel’s wines.

But Manel is also a life enjoyer. He loves being with friends and loves all good things in life. You can also find this on his wines. They are a celebration of life. Many people consider him the King of Bubbles, and it’s true. His sparkling wines are unbeatable: a combination of sophistication and character. But also his ‘normal’ wines: Xarel-los, Sumolls. When you drink them, it is difficult to distinguish them from some Grand Cru from Borgogne. So far and so close sometimes.

About the region

The Mediterranean Sea has been traditionally a frame of cultural exchange and mixture of influences. In Garraf, south of Barcelona, we have one of the friendliest examples of this coast. With consistent mild climate, the friendly orography allows the sea breeze to impregnate most of the territory.

It is an area where the interaction between traditional agriculture and fishing activities have always gone hand in hand. But far to be a heroic exercise, it has been a much smoother journey.

This is where Manel owns the family property. A wonderful, several centuries old Masia surrounded by vineyards and small hills which convert this area into a peaceful and soulful corner.

Calcaric soils have been home for traditional grapes as Xarel-lo, Sumoll, and Malvasia de Sitges with which Manel extracts the highest degree of elegance and joy. Drinking a Manel wine is just like being there with him, sitting at a table close to the sea, and enjoying every minute of our lives and with our beloved ones.

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