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Mariano Taberner


Mariano is a magician from Requena, Valencia. His expression is pure sensitivity, pure inspiration, always experimenting.

From his enchanting seat in La Portera in Requena, he brings us close to a unique experiment in which he mixes individual components and creates products that you have never dreamed of before. His secret: he treats every grape like a diamond, he develops a wine line that always surprises with new ones.

His philosophy also includes tenderness, an openness to dialogue with nature and respect for people and traditions. You notice that quickly. When you spend a few days with Mariano, it’s hard not to make friends with him.

You can find all of this in his wines of course.

For example with the autochthonous grape variety Bobal, which has made Mariano one of the most delicate red wines of all time. He processes his cuvée of Macabeu and Tardana into a very fine orange wine that also goes very well as a meal companion. And then there are his sparkling wines: which range from conventional, traditional methods to centuries-old methods, and are made with Macabeu and Moscatel – you won’t want to stop drinking there.

And that’s not all. Because Mariano’s magic doesn’t stop. One day he throws ginger and grape varieties together, and the other day he makes a beer called Marianer – brewed from grapes.

You have to just love Mariano!

About the region

Requena is a traditional wine Region in Valencia – some hills act as a barrier from then Mediterranean Sea, though the land is closer to the interior of Spain than to the coast. It’s where fruit trees have been replaced by wineyards, olive and walnuts trees.

In the land of Iberians and Romans, it’s still possible to find ancient Roman Gold Mines or Phoenician and Iberian wine facilities. So it’s not very difficult to travel back in time. As with many of the popular wine areas in Spain, Requena has been highly populated by big companies producing low-quality wines and most of the traditional winemakers have been absorbed by such companied or for town cooperatives.

The common grapes here are Bobal, Macabeu, Tardana, and a few other very ancient varieties that are being slowly recovered by some new pioneers.

It’s in this environment where Mariano Taberner, against most of the neighbors’ opinion, is making his wine. He’s not following any conventional rule, just letting the earth and the sky dictate the rules. He is not a typical example of the region’s winemakers. But surprisingly, Mariano’s place is visited by more and more people with big hearts and light on their souls. No wonder this isn’t just a coincidence.

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