Producer – Fabio’s new pet nats

Interview: Fabio and his new pet nat kids.

Interview: Fabio and his Pet Nat kids

It’s no secret that we have a special love and connection with Fabio. Having much success with wines like Alba and Garnacha, he’s decided to also turn these wines into Pet Nats. So we naturally had to ask him about it as we’re so curious about this decision.

Hi Fabio! So this was the first year of your pet nats. What made you decide to do a pet nat to begin with and what was the process like?

I’ve always liked drinking pets nats, but was convinced that it was really complicated and difficult to make. So about 5 years ago I started experimenting and made a few bottles. And every year I made more and more doing different trials and errors! Eventually, last year I took the plunge, and made thousands of bottles!

What was the most difficult thing about doing pet nats this year? Was there anything that came as a surprise?

The most difficult thing about making pet nats is the stress of having to cap at just the right time: if you cap too soon, there will be too much pressure and your bottles will explode! if you cap too late, there will be too little pressure and your wine will be flat!

If you had to choose your favorite of the three, which would that be and why?

My personal favourite is the Pet Nat Rosado, because it’s slightly sweet and has a good body and taste!

Is there anything specific you’d like to let your drinkers know?

Yes. “Enjoy”, that’s what my wines are for 🙂

Get Fabio’s wines at both our shops in Berlin, Cologne, and at our upcoming online shop!

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