Flamenco + Natural Wine =

An event that's never been done before!

Like our wines, there’s something authentic, spiritual, and emotional about Flamenco. It’s an expressive art form within the culture of Andalusia grounded in Folklore music. It’s rhythmic, intense, and passionate. From Jerez, Beatriz Morales and Agujetas Chico are a duo to be reckoned with! They’ve been spreading their music and dance vibrations all over Spain and Europe and now you get to experience them in person during the Raw festival weekend at our public event. At our event, each of the 5 Flamenco styles (“Palo”) will be combined with a unique wine. Together with our natural wine, you’ll feel the Spanish spirit in body and in soul.

Get your tickets at the Wine Material shop in Berlin or at the ticket link below:


Follow the artists on IG: @agujetas_chico @beatrizmoralesbailaora @carlosmerino

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